Advanced Volunteer Manager (AVM) is a cloud based platform that provides organizations with a secure single source portal for recruiting, managing and validating volunteers.

AVM is integrated with Tuttidaré where volunteers find and sign-up for opportunities. Your open positions will be viewable to your current network of volunteers as well as the entire Tuttidaré network of volunteers (if you choose).  Our comprehensive system allows you to create job based requirements, run background checks and store volunteer documentation.  AVM securely stores volunteer data, meeting HIPAA, WAI and PRI compliance.

AVM helps you stay organized by keeping volunteer records and important documents together. Stay current by easily and automatically communicating with volunteers. Work smarter when matching opportunities to people. Publish your organizations mission and volunteer jobs in Tuttidaré with the push of a button to increase your reach.

What's New

  • Daré, LLC is proud to announce their latest product to simplify and expedite volunteer management. Advanced Volunteer Manager (AVM) a premier volunteer management system launched in June 2013. AVM integrates with Allowing organizations to post their volunteer opportunities to Tuttidaré maximizing their reach in the community.
  • AVM provides non-profits with a single source portal for recruiting, managing and validating agency or event volunteers. Linked to  Tuttidaré, AVM offers a robust application for secure data storage, online scheduling, electronic communication, integrated background checks, job qualification and hours verification at a "non-profit friendly" monthly fee.


" is AVM's online social network! Volunteers log into one site, , to manage their profile, search for events, sign up for opportunities and track their volunteer service. From this one site they can schedule volunteer opportunities with you, your organization or other organizations; they can enlist friends to join them working volunteer jobs or supporting causes they feel strongly about increasing your reach in your local community."